5 Extremely Feasible Retirement Catch Up Strategies For Late Starters

retirement catch up

Nobody wants to be in the situation where time is running short, retirement looms large but your accumulated nest egg isn’t what you hope it to be. Welcome to the ultimate guide for retirement catch up strategies. What can you do to salvage your retirement when you’re on past mid 40’s? Again, the adequacy of your…

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Retirement calculator: Easily compute your retirement shortfall in 39 secs

The retirement calculator tool now has a dedicated page   i) 2 Controversial Reasons why Age is not just another number in Retirement Planning Calculation ii) 2 Critical Things to Focus on when using a Retirement Calculator, and what you Shouldn’t iii) 5 Bloody Reasons not to Fully Rely on any Oversimplified Online Retirement Calculator iv) 2 Brutally Honest…

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18 Quick Tips to improve retirement planning in Malaysia

Retirement planning is serious matter that requires diligence and patience. But if you are short of time, a quick tip can sometimes be helpful too. Here are 18 observations from my years of advising clients in pre  and post retirement stage. 1. If you feel you are not accumulating enough for to achieve your retirement goals, chances are you…

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Retire in Malaysia – 8 questions to ask before engaging a retirement adviser

Here’s the analogy I would use when it comes to hiring a retirement adviser. I believe you have been to more than one private hospitals before. You will have preference on one hospital over the others though. Assuming the difference in healthcare costs is negligible among these private hospitals, it is likely your preferred private hospital…

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4 Uplifting Approaches that increase the sustainability of early retirement

early retirement sustained

Actually, none of us should complicate the principles of early retirement. The strategy to achieve early retirement is pretty much identical to conventional retirement planning with one big exception… It’s Time, where; You have less time to reach your financial goals pre-retirement You have more time to deplete your money post retirement In other words,…

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Retire in Malaysia- 7 Proven(!!) Methods to Stretch your Retirement Fund

To retire in Malaysia, or any place for that matter, everyone would agree that we need to ensure sufficient financial resources. It could be in lump sum or periodical cash flow, but the bottom line is that, total liquid assets must be able to sustain a comfortable lifestyle. That is why retirement planning in Malaysia is…

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