Property Outlook Conference 2014 by Wealth Mastery Academy (sponsored)

With so many “dampener” measures being put in place by the authority to curb property speculation moving forward to 2014, one may wonder if property still deserves its place in an investor’s portfolio? The other day, the spouse of a friend of mine working as sales for SP Setia’s super condo project (>2 mil MYR at least) just got back from Indonesia for a road show. She admitted it’s a tough sell nowadays – even to the rich Indonesians!

It’s not to say they are bad investment choice now but got tread more carefully from now on. Failing to do so may constrict your cash flow when the property failed to be rented out.  Especially when retrenchment is the norm nowadays. If you have NOT known a friend who just got retrenched in 2013, then I wonder – what industry you are in? :) Anyway, I digress. Just last week (Dec 2013), I got approached by the reputed Wealth Academy Mastery (WMA) Group on this event of theirs which might prove helpful. Details below:

Date & Time – 11 – 12 Jan 2014, 8.30 am to 6 pm

Venue: Hotel Istana KL

Focuses & Highlights

  • Overview of Malaysia economy & property market
  • Sub-sale market performance & Outlook
  • Commercial market performance & Outlook
  • Southern Property Market Outlook
  • Northern Property Market Outlook
  • Central Property Market Outlook
  • The impact of attracting foreign investors towards Malaysian property market
  • Budget 2014 strikes! What are the BIG impacts on property market?
  • How to become a Millionaire Landlord?
  • Changing trends in the retail market
  • REITs investment opportunity

It features reputable past and current speakers like Ho Chin Soon, Milan Doshi, Siva Shanker (President of MIEA).

Property Outlook conference 2014

I’ll be there too so we could meet up!

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