Podcast Interview#3 with a Millionaire – on Real Estate Property Investment

(Last Updated On: 02/11/2016)

In this third episode, Andrew talked about his view on property investment – what separates the professional from the layman, what he will do when opportunity comes knocking and why he would never invest in the insanity of Singapore property bubble now (no offence, Singaporeans!).

This is a book which I have read and would really recommend it to you. It had received scores of accolades from various sources.

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Click here to download the MP3

Click here to download the transcript Interview with Andrew Hallam: Episode 3.


Stay tuned for the next episode, where Andrew reminisced his fateful friendship with a neighbourhood mechanic, who became his financial mentor 20 years ago, and how, by just by meeting one man changes his life forever.

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  • LCF

    Reply Reply 02/04/2012

    Thanks Dave! I got 2 more episodes to go, and it’s getting more interesting. Stay tuned 😀 Cheers.

  • Dave

    Reply Reply 01/04/2012

    Fantastic job!! I have been following the interviews that you have done with Andrew. Thanks for your great sharing. Cheers!! Dave

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