This is quite an unusual scenario where a man in his 40′s, Stephen Ng, has prostate cancer. Apparently, he wrote a letter to Tan Sri Zeti some time ago, then 2 opens letters which got published at FreeMalaysiaToday and Malaysiakini when Zeti didn’t respond. Anyway, the man’s urological surgeon suggested that he should avoid surgery, [...]

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How likely is it to face an economic recession this year (2014)? If we are able to detect a trend before that happens, then we could prepare ourselves to “brace for the impact”, instead of being taken by surprise – when we are able to see the trend is already there. You can throw the [...]


Whether you are an employer or employee, this makes a good read. They say – the fool makes the same mistakes and never learns, smart man made the mistakes and learn from it while the wise man learns from others’ mistakes. The below are the words from Millionaire Investor Program founder, Ken Chee (the first [...]


Most people thought they are not “old” enough or don’t “have enough assets” to have the need of writing a will. Frankly, I used to think like that too but I want to share with you the intricacies of not having a will after something passed on. Then you can look at your current situation [...]


Why Healthcare Costs & Insurance Premiums are bound to increase


The title of a newspiece I read in Focus Malaysia last week is blunt – “Outrageous medical fee hike”. Referring to my previous commentary on medical fee hike – 1 Additional Rise (Surprise) in Cost of Living which will Hit us Hard – up to 300%,  the HCK editorial team really lives up to its [...]

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1 Additional Rise (Surprise) in Cost of Living which will Hit us Hard – up to 300%


In the original article from – 7 Price Hikes we can expect in 2014, it highlighted 7 known or lesser known hike in costs that is going to impact businesses and consumers alike. Just like in most things in life, you could complain – which would amount to nothing, or take measures to manage [...]

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