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The silent millionaire. The millionaire next door. The deceptive millionaire. The millionaire in disguise. The term above is used to describe a financially savvy millionaire who not easily recognizable just by looking at the car he drives or the home he stays. Although having a million of net worth in Malaysian Ringgit isn’t as impressive […]


Why spending lesser than you earn is so damn freaking hard to do despite it being a very simple concept that a 5 years old can understand? It is a simple maxim which forms the foundation of personal finance success, yes? It’s the core of EVERYTHING. Trouble brews when people don’t feel alarmed getting into […]


When it comes to how much we are earning a year, there is a direct correlation to its ability to bring you happiness.  Of course, this totally makes sense because according to Maslow’s hierarchy of needs – if you currently can’t afford a decent home or enough food to feed your family, then more money […]


A balanced 4-4-2 formation, a defensive 4-5-1 strategy or an aggressive 4-3-3 stance? There are surprisingly many ways to skin a cat when it comes to investing to achieve our financial goals; similarly there are a plethora of tactics or strategies to win a soccer tournament. If you notice, depending on the opposing team he […]


The Investment Enemies we faced – they are probably not what you thought


We cannot beat the market. No one does. Those who thinks they can have yet to come out from of world of investment fallacy. For retail investors, the handicap we all have is that we lack the tools, time and sophisticated research to outperform the full-time pros. But perhaps the worst of all is that […]

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The Bliss and Reality of Modern Marriage


Marriage signifies a major milestone in any adult life that both parties are willing to build their future together. For a man, it is telling the world that you are able to take care and protect your life partner.  For a woman, well…I, of course, am not in the position to describe a woman’s feeling […]

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