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"A plan helps us to learn from our past, plan for our future and make a difference in our present"

The Best Returns aren't just measured in money

Whether you want to send your kids to college (without jeopardizing your retirement fund) or preserve your family wealth, I can advise you independently. No matter what you are already doing, I can help to make it even better  - in the form of second opinion.

I understand you. Why? Because I am,too, a father of a toddler daughter.


Integrate every areas of your personal finances in 2 months, without any product pushing

  • Gain Clarity via Consolidated "Big Picture" Analysis
  • Make Smarter and Informed Financial Decisions
  • Evaluate the Cause & Effect of a Financial Decision on the Future
  • Catch & Fix Financial Leakages or Blind spots before they Snowball
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Who is CF Lieu, the founder of this website?

CF Lieu is an independent financial adviser (IFA) licensed by the Securities Commission of Malaysia to conduct regulated financial planning activities and charge a professional fee for it.

And of course, CF Lieu is a CFP and a great person to hang out with 🙂

My Independence Sets me apart from other so-called "Financial Planners"

I have a firmly rooted belief that financial advice should be given without bias or a desire to earn investment commissions and transaction fees. Advice should be advice—not sales.

I make my advice transparent, conflict-free and in your best interests at all times. I am dedicated to sitting on the same side of the table as you. Any fees you pay to are fees for advice—that is it. Unlike big “name brand” advisers or firms, I am not driven to generate profits for shareholders by selling proprietary solutions that generate the most revenue.

I advocate entirely for you. While many honest people work within the financial services industry, they work within a system that is set up in order for the house to win, not the clients. It’s not an evil system – just one created to grow the assets of corporations, not individual investors.

However, now there is an alternative – one that has been created to serve the investor without conflict. It is called an independent financial adviser (IFA). If there is one single step you can take today to solidify your financial position, it’s to align yourself with a credible & skilled IFA in Malaysia.

The fact is, everyone can call himself Financial Planner/Adviser nowadays, but only an IFA like Ching Foo, licensed by Securities Commission Malaysia can advise you in an impartial manner and be compensated professionally in the form of advisory fees.


Think About What a Difference This Could Make

Imagine you use our process to finally find the clarity you were seeking. You know it works, because for the first time, you actually have a clear vision of what your financial goal(s) looks like.

What would that mean? Would you be more confident of your financial situation?

Would you be less stressed about your investments and what’s going in the market?

Would you be able to focus on doing the things you love, instead of worrying about what market news has to say?

Yes, you would.

For a small, one-time fee, you can take your current financial situation and piece together your desired financial goals….and be totally confident.


How does the role of an IFA benefit you?

Let me explain using the analogy below

Why You Need Financial Planning?

Life is a combination of decisions – things you do; circumstances – things that others do to you, including people you’ve never met, like politicians; and results – your decisions + the circumstances.

When we complain about life we mostly complain about our circumstances, not our decisions. We seem to be fixated on circumstances. When I first meet a person they tend to ask about my circumstances first – where am I from? where do I live? It’s only when people get to know me that they ask why I decided to be a licensed financial adviser, for example.

Why do circumstances interest us more than decisions? Sure circumstances happen to us before we can even make decisions – even before we are born. But decisions are by far more interesting because that’s how you change circumstances, possibly to the point that the circumstances disappear or stop mattering.

Welcome to financial planning, where the core of such exercise is to empower you to let your own decisions determine the outcome, rather than dictated by circumstances.

Our lives are like that. We sometimes get so busy that we don't take time to take a step back and look at whether what we are doing is effective or not.

There is nothing wrong with activity and hard work.

But as we get older, we should not get so busy that we forget to review if what we are doing are ultimately becoming more (or LESS!) effective in achieving our life goals.

The IFA (Independent Financial Adviser) Difference

BEFORE engaging an IFA

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AFTER engaging an IFA

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How is CF Lieu different from other CFPs ?

A CFP CERT TM  holder means he has the competency and qualification in the 4 main areas in personal financial planning - wealth protection, wealth accumulation, wealth preservation and wealth distribution. It DOES NOT imply whether he is tied financial product agent (who usually has some form of sales quota to meet) or a licensed independent financial adviser (IFA) with NO sales quota to fulfill. The latter role removes conflict of interest.

How is CF Lieu different from other IFAs?

Top in Malaysia for 2013 Certified Financial Planner (CFP) program

  • Module 6: Financial Plan Construction & Professional Responsibilities
  • Merit Award from Financial Planning Association of Malaysia (FPAM)

mod 6 award - Copy

Gave financial workshops to professionals & business owners

  • I conduct talks for professional bodies like CPA Australia
  • Topics include retirement management & SME business succession

A personal finance columnist for various Malaysian publications

    • I write for Money Compass magazine &
    • Doing my part to raise financial literacy among Malaysians

Interviewed by Focus Malaysia business news

    • On why modern day fees-based financial planning is not only for the rich
    • It is also for mass affluent and working professional

What else services does CF Lieu provide?

What We Do For Our Clients


Most importantly, I feel that clients and their advisors should get along and work as a team. Good financial planning and investment management doesn’t work overnight. It takes time, patience, and trust.

I’ve done the best I can at structuring my work and services in a manner that gives clients personal attention and financial management support. I know there is always room for improvement, and I strive to get better at what I do each day.

Due to advancements in technology, I’m happy to work with clients all over Malaysia or Malaysians based overseas. We have a wonderful web-based virtual meeting program that allows me to work with clients in a very personal manner despite being hundreds or even thousands of miles apart.

If you’ve never thought about working with an advisor virtually, I think you’d be pleasantly surprised at how easy, efficient, and enjoyable it can be. If you live near Penang,  I’m more than happy to meet you personally.

The Way We Communicate

As is hopefully evident by my blogging activities, I communicate regularly with clients via technology (email is my preferred communication method besides mobile phone - Whatsapp).

My experience is that it is very, very difficult for financial advisors and investment managers to actually perform their job if they are on the phone or in meetings all day, every day.

Because of this, I block off 2 1/2 days per week to handle client meetings.

The rest of my days are spent doing research and producing more valuable content that will benefit my clients.

Many of our clients are from Penang and KL, but many are from all over Malaysia, and we work together virtually. Under this arrangement, we use web conferencing, phone, and email to regularly communicate.

If you’re the person that feels the need to be constantly on the phone with your advisor, then we probably aren’t going to be the best option for you.

It has been my experience that phone conversations without a clear “plan of attack” often deviate from what my primarily role is:  helping my clients achieve their goals.

That is very different from having a scheduled phone appointment where we have a specific list of talking points that we need to address on that call.  Those calls are highly efficient, and are strongly encouraged.

Could We Work Together?

After reading above, if you’d like to have a conversation about working together, I’d be happy to invest 30 minutes of my firm’s time in getting to know you and your financial goals better, and help determine if there’s value I can provide in your life.

One of my advisors or I do all of our initial appointments via phone and/or web conference. To set up an initial meeting, have your questions answered, and to see if we could be a good fit, just head over to this page and enter your name and contact details.

Thanks for checking out this tab and learning more about who I serve, and how we work together.

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